Friday, 20 February 2015

Updated Sample Application

I've updated the sample Dual Contouring implementation to use a new QEF implementation. You can now find the sample on Github.

The previous QEF implementation was from the original reference code and was under a non-commercial license. The new implementation is completely free for any purpose and is, I think, a lot more readable than the old implementation. This new implementation was written by /u/unzret who contacted me on Reddit.


  1. Is this the implementation of what you showed in this video Because I don't see any GPU code and I would expect some of it to make it run so smoothly. I'm asking because I used a c# version of your old implementation and it ran slow on CPU but fine on GPU.

  2. No this is just a sample to get people started.

    You ported the code to OpenCL then?

    1. Yes, sort of.
      I used compute shaders(DX11) to make it work on the GPU and it works fine, it takes around 0.3s to build a 128 sized octree, still working to make it run smoother. Your voxel engine looks awesome by the way, my engine still freezes when loading up chunks or switching between LODs and it's pretty annoying. Would you make a post relative to your work?

    2. Ah, cool. :)

      Yeah that's my next planned post, how everything works in the last video I posted. That will then let me explain some other stuff I've been working on, I think.